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released July 31, 2012

Beats produced by P-L Fortin aka Big P Magik. Lyrics written by N. Legault aka Nick Lucas "Shofire"




Leaving For LA Montréal, Québec

An upcoming rap duo that has been recording music for over 10 years. Winners of GBOB Canada 07 (then known as Lyrical Assault), they went on to rep their country in England, performing at famous venues The Underworld & The Electric Ballroom. With over 250 shows under their belt, L4LA self-produced and released multiple albums and mixtapes and appeared on Musique +, Mtl's leading music channel. ... more

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Track Name: Overnight
Yo he can't seem to get it right everything he does is always in the gutter
Maybe not this time waiting for another chance he was so close never won the big one
keep the hope yo shed another tear son
cause they been falling every month autumn
Keep starting over moving from the bottom uh
He's been conscious of, how dishonor comes every time his wallet slumps
yo he polished his plans now ready for take off
Really felt it this time, Bet he would stay boss
Pay off his debts erase all regrets
Be the man now dog spring off his chest
All proud like yeah man this shit finally happened
Stood in front the crowd with all of them clapping
He finally saw it they never doubted it was all in his mind his vision was clouded

cause it don't happen overnight
wake up in the dark meeting not a single glimpse of light
And on the road you seek to fight with all your might sacrificing is the mode but in the end you'll see the light

The light is the reward at the end of the tunnel
the gift, the life, the reason to put up with the struggle
to kiss the sky the bleeding til you cover that cut yo
the inch you die for after leaving the huddle
the dark is blind love, the spark that blew out several times before the right one
the dark is the reason, the dark'll push you to see the sun and fresh air to breathe in
The dark is thick and heavy and far from secondary
Involved in this journey with dirt and thoughts to bury
Thoughts of constant failure, thoughts about to kill ya
The dark will make you crawl from that hole and thoughts that jail ya
Get free So in the end you'll see the light
And the dark is there to help you realize the key of life
That there is a balance and there lies the trick to see the light and appreciate the struggle as a gift
Track Name: Seem So Light (Ft. Golden Child)
I'm so poetic when I'm high phonetics just roll by
My medicine is right I feel it's effortless inside
I mean it's better in the sky heavy burdens seems so like right through curtains they just roll through with some servings
And I ain't working for no flirting I'm totally deserving of certain amounts of percents
I'm certain bout my verses
Dog I ain't nervous
Yo we hurting em on purpose it's the God at your service let me Burn this and get back on my nerd shit
Yo it's the furnace get back or get burned bitch
Shit yall deserve this so let me set my serve quick aint no concern kid I'm thinking it's my turn bitch

(Golden Child)
Hey yo lights, camera, action please everybody wanna live my life like o g's
I be the baddest with status causing static
With bad habit wrecking havoc on tracks
I gotta have it
I done been on the block but you don't know it cause My profile stays so low I don't expose it
I'm knee deep in the game like L said
Everybody wanna be me so they peeping my game, Listen
You ain't ready to battle so stop thinking
I move so fast niggas will stop blinking
You want to live my life then go to hell come back from a jail cell tell me how it feels nigga

I am highly poetic, live let me set it
Off like a cannonball gone in the sky like I'm Santa Claus
hoping that my dreams'll fall and Ima catch em
Forget the mansion, I'm in it for the passion, the action but also for the flashin...let's add the cash in and I was fronting about the mansion why not?
Shit the love has never been a question
My quest been to get spins the rest is some next shit
I'm on some next shit exit stage right still on my left shit
breathless from the alt we reaching believe me baby be easy leaving the season and all the peeps that be freezing
cause we leaving for LA bump the beat and get away
Track Name: So Fire (Ft. David Taylor)
I get busy on my fly shit
Nicky I'm a fly kid
Dickies on my hips
With a spliffy right by my lips
I 'm getting mileage tipsy with a wide grin
Fix me up another drink or hold trees up to my grill
Let my mind chill
I ain't about a Seinfeld a show about nothing if you coming to see, mine's ill
Such a divine feel, she be looking fine real
get her tooken back to my crib this is signed sealed

If you smoke a dime I'll smoke a dime with you too girl
Get you out this grind
Ain't No time to whine and loose girl
Cause if we all get fly we can all get by
and it's so fire

Medical prescription better than your bullshit
feeling faded as a Rose I am Derrick get your whole shit stuffed
Bitch I am in ocean flush cause My flow is always so tough
Holy shucks I'm getting bucks I am Kobe clutch
Yeah you know we bust like a flopped draft pick
Better cop that quick
back it up like a cop that's hit
Slick, I'm done that's it

Time to blow that dro
Feel the room see it zoom get it groovy
things appearing slow
Get that boom hit the buddh feel the ooh wee
The vision getting low see it all so clearly though and it's so fire

Nick Star What!?
Yo sun shining on a beautiful Friday one time get the brew and just light J's
Lighting up the right haze loosen up all the tight days
grey goose is up we loosen up all of the fine babes
We come to kick it so high to get ya lifted
Kissing up all of the sky it's like your mistress
If I'm getting up high it aint your business I'm watching cheddah roll by so let me flip this
Track Name: Soaking Sheets (Ft. David Taylor)
I'm trying to get it back
where the magic at?
the fire and the passion that I had when I was still a brat
And now I'm feeling that it might be in the spirit that I'm chilling way too often with my friend this double digit pack
Shit I'm kicking back sipping that, hitting that
Got the fitted back acting like I'm really glad
But on the real in fact it's not so always chill like that
Sometimes I feel the ceiling crack
sometimes I feel like Phillip Banks can't reach my Will and fill the blank
But still I thank my fam and I been filled with great people all around me
So on the real this shit don't stank

I'm tired of soaking sheets with all this pain
Wish I would get my way, Wish I would get my way
I'm dying with hopeless dreams or so they say
but Ima get my way, Ima get my way

I'm sinking in this sea of ink
Thinking back to when I seemed to think it really didn't mean a thing
I was really feeling bleak
Grieving from the defeat time to leap up on my feet
So peep it
Who knows the secret? confused about the meaning
it's so Facetious how I'm choosing how to see it
That's why I'm leaning booze inflicted demons
conflicted on if or not I choose to spread my semen
That's honest speaking caught inside my reasons
When I'm not sleeping, I'm dreaming about gleaming
Wishing it's not teasing
Bitching probably cause I look outside and see the season and I don't mean it
Track Name: Get Nice (Ft. Jasmin)
One for the money, yessir two for show, three to get the system bump and get the party going
We are on the east side north of the sweet spot pocket full of smoke green jacking and bean stock
Green, no traffic we ease by got a mix in the water bottle autopilot I’m in the back chilling Nick in the back feeling good we gets immaculate packing of sack of grass call it good
it's nothing for us the night will get the day started we space talking erase the grey state all is red and green tints we bent off 3 spliffs
C. Kent just left so guess who left to seize this
The soopaman lover, boobs and buddah strand sucka
The Rouleux daam stunna moolah rule the man fuck it
I’m wood stocking, cross it with poppin’ and lockin’
The crook sparking I get the looks non-stoppin
Re-defin’ hooks, we get the looks non-stoppin
Depress you rooks we get the book bomb droppin
I mean it’s balance and hard work
So when we finish this we gon’ see what the stars worth

I just wanna sit back and chill right now
Marinate, get nice and feel this sound
Zone out and cool
You know how we do

Yeah well it’s the motherfucking Leaners
D twistin’ while P pumps up the speakers
We kicks back with 6 packs of sixers
Big bags with zig zags and sick tracks on mixer
Bomb shit, you know you beyond lit
Be on 6, be honest you feeling Deon slick
Primetime dancing, you finna be gone quick
Bright lights flashin with the thrill of the on switch
We BYOB’in be wild on weekend
Bring your own boobs girl, we rely on D’s maing
Double be better yo that goes for shots too
Ruffle your feathers we done hunt and shot goose
Track Name: Showtime (Ft. KCity)
Showtime, yeah, it’s our time
Mo shine for us, no shine for y’all
We like the sun just blazin our trail
Y’all be acting snail sticking to the pavement
Nicky Star I show y’all what the fuck I’m about
Been doing my thang for 10 years but somehow new to the game
Been moving slow units but proving my music is unique
You in to proving your Boutique, I’m in the booth with the truth speak
My mind soul, through console, your rhyme close
I line clothes you foes, you blow lines of snow
I flow lines of snow flakes cause you can’t duplicate
My flow’s great and true per say
I’m so Ace in the hole on the river
Whatever gets me in her quicker
the sinning begins I’m sicker when Denis is menace
When I’m in the baddest state yeah I had to regulate y’all
Showtime it’s our time no time for y’all

It’s on til’ it’s on these hoes and no diggy
KCity and Nicky we roaming the whole city
You best believe it’s pretty
We blowin’ them old Phillies
KCity and Nicky roaming the whole city

we used to post up order samosas
cause we all couldn’t be on that poster
we bringing em closer
to most of living impossible dreams
awake and die, and all that lies right in between
it’s ours, holla HC and Nicky Stars
it’s pimpin over here I guess it ain’t that tricky dog
give me God or dollars, which one prove me wrong
which one gon’ get me from the hood to all of you on these songs
how you gonna prove me gone, when I’m right here
open your eyes get style, put something fit in your gear
get a blutooth homie, get bit in your ear
I’m heavy in the booth there ain’t no lifting in here
Cept’ the planes when that shit just lift in the air
For LA that’s why we gotta rip em’ this year
Like Kobe and the Lakers and the Clippers is here
Like Kat Stacks or Merv, Kathy Griffin was here
We like the sticky purple kush is here
Yeah light that shit up put a wiff in the air
I got stitchin in gear and my vision is clear
I ain’t messing with you cats if the kitten is near
We ahead of the game, y’all should get in the rear
We wild like some hillbillies tottin’ that pistol and beers
Get your dough til’ your dollars and crystals is clear
It’s crystal clear, we leaving for the sickest til’ you get it

Yo when we get in the zone it's no diggity
it's K City, Nicky we own the whole city
the whole room feeling the flow
so roll with we, if you didn't
you definitely know, you know, you know
and yo
when we get in the zone it's no diggity
it's K City, Nicky we own the whole city
the whole room feeling the flow
so roll with we, and if you didn't
now you definitely know, you know, it's showtime
Track Name: Say Word
it's Nicky the Star
we ditching the bar my lady
then reaching the stars
you ditchy the bra you feel me?
down for a session
we can leave all this mess and retreat to my section
got some trees in we can bless them
I'm tryna get it back where the soul is
live it now, feel that smell
ah it's like roses
don't you feel the power of the present moment?
such a precious thing every second will be stolen
girl, I 'm trying to get in tune
what I'm trying to feel is you
occupy your schedule
wooo, got a feeling by the moon
there's a ceiling in my view
soon, never leave the room

to all my people living life
say word
like a Beatles type of high
say word
got torpedo’s bout to light
say word
got the feeling right, we gon leave tonight now ugh

blazing bin laden with 2 shots
shit I been baggin and been taggin em 2 hot
I ain't tryna brag, I am kinda rad
that's kinda rack, give you cataracts
can you handle that? ugh
nobody higher than Nicky Star
I'm Ricky Willy gone off from the field
and just chilling with stars
all off in the whip and just checking the broads
take em all now if they could fit in the car
God man I'm so out of touch I'm gone
you can't grab or clutch my lawn
cause my green is too much like Sean
Did he really say Diddy, he did

Summer's here the sun blazin' I'm doing the same
I'm dumb crazy I'm just doing my thang
what's up lady how you doing today
I'm digging your style I'm thinking about
we should prolly consider getting up out
getting up in, that's what I wanna get in
it's the beginning of sin baby
a Guinness and gin baby
is really sentimental if you wanna see wins baby
be easy on the pedal isn't a good spin babyyyy
Track Name: You Made Me (Ft. Ben Racine)
Rising up, getting older
ties that bing get colder
though I hate to admit it
it's all so plain to see, I still love how you made me

into a ball grabbing, fast talking, back talking
brash individual
flash while I ride in my vehicle
Into a liquor pouring right into a cup that's plastic
cats that a have the arrogance to say that he can rap on static
and make it sound wonderful
from a dude that wouldn't talk in school
but now can run a show
the very same cat that always panicked and would wonder so
much and hold back but now it's like I have another soul
yeah. Into a motherfucking piiiiimp
well on the real someone that a really talk some shiiiiit
you made me straight from the same streets
where they used to battle rap, tag trains and slay beats
I'm angry, that's how you made me
for the best, worst of both right now I can't see
can't be crazy, that's how you made me
a rugged yet a smooth dude that a dress so fancy

yeah you made me independent
made me dough to spend and
made me find the person that my life I'm gonna spend with
made me travel the globe
and grow although
I wouldn't put over my folks
but so daam close
it's no
daam wonder how you made me scrap
everytime the ceiling would crumble
and lay me flat
you made me grab and hold on to a hazy path
a daily wrath now I'm no longer lazy man
attitude and character
managed through madness of
dealing with rejection as I battled through
I had to prove that I could handle you
now I'm the man and you helped find my avenue
held me down and that's the truth
Straight nerd, revolutionary
Break beaks, straight g
all these in the same steez
this is what you made me
this is why my name be
changing all the time
cause there never was the same me
Track Name: Apple (Ft. David Taylor)
Some nights I wanna rap
Some nights I wanna make music
Some nights I wanna spit
Some nights I wanna break through it
some nights it's all about making up for last night
and today was spent trying to get my cash right
I left nights holding to a flashlight
wanna do it fast life, holding to my pass tight
let it go, gotta set goal, go get it
yeah I said it, I won't settle no, never can I fold
but yo I kick the truth to the young youth
it goes in one ear and right out unless the gun shoots
so I can front too, but I'm not going to
I don't get millions mic cheques just the 1-2
just some kung fu shit you know I came to kick it
it's insanse what they do when I came and kicked it
it's the best feeling in the world to hear them roar
when I spit it raw, satisfied what they came and saw
yes I gave it all, guess the game is wrong
ain't no caine involved, just a brain with thoughts
like I'm Krang and all down in the sewers
a connaisseur of what I pursue
a true attitude that I brew, like the brew I choose to booze down
I'm cool now cause I let it loose now
release it all and get the noose down
uh yeah....and if you don'y knooow, now you know I gave you proof now

How can I deal but man it’s cruel out there for everyone
How can I sleep when every mile out there is stacking up
I know that I can’t make it there all by myself
But if I lead would you follow me without a doubt?

gone are the days when I A-B pressed
the eighties jet by like a Mercedez S
I'm daily stressed
I cannot delay these threats
of babies, cheques
it's all a fucking hazy mess
of insecurity, blank guess concerning me
blank left is scarring, security blanket deserted me
blank text inserted and 3rd degree
burning me as my words'll be
put under a microscope, or I could cope
or I could saulk, or I could boast
or I could choke, or I could host an overdose
or come close and never know
enough folks'll never know
won't be those so I'ma go
coming close's not optional
I'ma blow this out the door
I ain't bogus I'm a pro
aim and focus on the show
ain't shit hopeless down the road
it's cold and I'ma hold this well below
and play my role as I close in on the goal
and pray the code as I close in on the foe
precise slicing the price is to get by fighting
forget Mike Tyson
I made my hype and
I made mine happen
you can hate my rapping
but can't take my passion
so one day might happen
when I may shine lauging
on the plane high flashing
so I stay trying madd
and the game is mad and the pain is brash
and if you don't know...now you know...I made it happen
Track Name: Feeling Good (Ft. David Taylor & Melyssa Provost)
Bling chain on my neck, I'm fresh
I'm bout to step out what the heck
I'm gonna go to the store grab a 4-0
Windows low on the road and I'm so cold
cause I ain't working this week
so catch me disturbing the peace
I ain't concerned just tipsy
I'm straight gon' murder this beat
That's just a regular Friday night
How I can get mighty high
with flows and just writing rhymes
I'm feelin it man
and it's all good, got me feeling like a kid again
Reminiscing on that feeling wanna say it again
I was singing bout sinning when the day began
So I'm gon' keep it moving
oh like that jyeah it's so soothing
smooth, in the room cool
lost in my groove and I ain't going back soon

You can light up relax
in light of the fact
ain't no minding the bad at all
and we can all just
recline and sit back
when your mind is intact
there's no sign of a cloud at all
we can find a way, to take your mind away
for a second
and make it all feel good for the day

no more will I
choke hold my soul and blow it now
just go with the flow til I go til' it's over now
been more hardcore I ain't sober now
this going out to my people that don't need a cathedral
cause whether it's God or not all you need is to feel you
ya dig, it's inside recognize the real
the second you doubt is wrecking all instills
to kill the spirit but fuck it, bump the anthem we killing this gloom mood
we feeling good now....and the feeling is true.
Track Name: Brim Low
I'm on my intro, they just wanna speculate bout him though
Sinful, I ain't expect the hate outta my kin folk
Intro, spective shit to get you cats a hint though
Brim low, can't see me if you acting so judemental
I usually go with the flow just how the wind blows
but always keeping control of all my sins so
y'all can dead all that shit about my mental
state of mind y'all think I'm throwing out that window
Y'all see me once in a week or maybe don't even speak
baby so don't even speak how I be hopeless and weak
and now suppose I'ma beast, and I'm supposed to be peace
Y'all must be must be doping on E, I'ma be ghost I'm out peace

I don't wanna sing about it no more
Just leave me be if you gon' be on that bull
gon' be unreasonable
don't need to see you, if you preach and don't know
that's why I keep my fucking brim low...brim low

Been keepin it simple
so insult me
I'll just use up my pencil
I been low key
still keepin this shit locked
like there's no key
your attitude's been out of tune
better get yourself some auto if you wanna move
I'm cool, got my motto on auto pilot
I'm gone and y'all bout to riot
my god I'm about my Bryant
I'm eying the prize no matter how high or I is
my biz is no doubt in focus
I'm always about it
hell I sure know what broke is
gotta go get up out it
cause I know what the goal is
I will not go without it
even though I get thowed kid
always go where the soul is
Track Name: Wishing On a Dream
Big city dreaming
bright neon signs in the night with his name in em gleaming
4 packed in a Cadillac rolling
cruising down the strip with the indo smoke blowing
feel the heat in the land of the palm trees
crib by the sea with the sand of the blonde beach
it's on me, bring another round sweety
the dawn creep but we still out on the town
easy living with the sinning til' we leaving for tour life
Every single night we gon be dealing with more lights
the rush of the stage, got the love on display
on the bus where we staying, it's enough plus the fame
is just an added perk, had to work so hard
eyes closed wishing deep, dreamed so bad it hurt
that's the word don't be scared
reach to grab the Earth in your palm
word is bond I mean it that it's yourz
it's the gift, it's the curse it's breathing in the worth
like the wishing is worth the meaning since your birth
like this verse is my Earth I still dream that it occurs
this verse is my Earth I still wish that it occurs

Small town leaving,
coming back to the very same place with a sense of achievement
made sure that you done made em proud
Became somebody and you ain't let em down
slow down never lived with that motto
Hope found but it never was in cash lotto
invested all, it was self involved
got your money in with the best
without no sorrow, follow the star
got the bottle involved
but the product got it caught up
got him back on the job
it was a pocket of suave
and apart of it's God
but the main ingredient was the menage of the squad
it's all lovely, when you wishing on what could be
specially when no one could see
this could be that thing that showed when your closed those lids
as a kid it was all but innocent playing
as it is now, we can call it realness in waiting
and it's reigning the spade in the ace is playing
just play it as it lay in the face of praying